L. Paul Parker

L Paul Parker member of Phi Kappa Theta Chapter Eternal

L. Paul Parker

Known for switching sports teams to whomever was winning, having no less than three grandmothers die during his pledgeship (deception to get out of being hazed which somehow actually worked) and for bleaching his hair, Lionel “Peroxide” Paul Parker was initiated into the Gamma Xi Chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity in the Fall of 1985. His Pledge Brothers are Curtis Pinnick, Mark Saneman, Jeff Melton, Steve Patswald, Roger Arbabi, Wade Hampton, Mark Blakemore, and Darren Wolf. Paul was an active member and held leadership positions in the Fraternity. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree from East Central University and was involved with the Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Club.

Paul loved sports, music and his Fraternity. He was compassionate and loyal and could not predict the winner of a football game under any circumstances. Paul had a pleasant disposition and never raised his voice or used harsh words. In times of strife he tried to promote unity. He had a gentle spirit.

He was a devoted father to Taylor, Alyssa, Colby and Blakelee, and the proud grandfather of Atlas and Elias.

Paul spent his work-life helping people.  He was a high school teacher and coach, advocate for abused and neglected children, worked with juvenile offenders and with youth who had mental health and behavioral issues.

Paul contracted COVID 19 after volunteering to care for a child who had the virus and was experiencing a mental health crisis. Paul died from the disease on November 24, 2020, at the age of 54. He was engaged to Paula J. Moore at the time of his passing. Paul was loved and appreciated and is missed every day.