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The Origin of the Gamma Xi Coffin: Unraveling the Mystery

The coffin built for a Tiger Tangles skit more than fifty years ago is still a fraternity fixture. It’s gone through many changes in appearance and function throughout the years, but it has remained a constant presence in chapter life, steeped in tradition, history and lore, both public and secret.

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Sepia toned military photo of Lt Jim Upchurch in USMC Duty uniform of the Vietnam Era.
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Jim Upchurch, East Central OK ’66, Honored for His Sacrifice

Long before he was a decorated hero and devoted Second Lieutenant of Echo Company, Jim Upchurch, East Central OK ’66, was a friend, husband, brother of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, accomplished offensive tackle for the East Central Tigers, and an inclusive and charismatic presence to all those he touched.

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The Origin of Phi Kappa Tau

The North Dorm’s steam heat had been turned off in the chilly March weather of Miami University’s 1906 spring vacation. Sophomore William H. Shideler, who

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What Is Phi Kappa Tau?

Fraternity Since 1906, we have developed more than 100,000 men of character into MEN OF DISTINCTION VISION The vision of Phi Kappa Tau is to

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